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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  September 23, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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>> you can hear when we were back there, they were going from store to store, talking to people. asking questions, shooting and screaming. and then stop for a while i go to another store. >> in the past hour, the country firm dead is from 68 to 69. has the story continues developing that number could be going up. sunday the kenya military stormed the mall, claiming to regain control of the facility. the defense forces would not provide details of their counter attack. the scores of dead include a handful of people from canada, france and the u.k. the state department is saying no americans were killed. it has been one week since a gunman opened fire at the naval yard killing 10. yesterday the president and the
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first lady gathered to honor the victims. their names were remembered out loud. they were remembered with tributes and prayers. the president and first lady met with the victims before it started. this reopened the issue of gun control. the president said that the change will not come from washington. >> our tears are not enough. our words and our prayers are not enough. there's nothing normal about innocent men and women be gunned down where they work. there's nothing normal about our children being gunned down in their classrooms. there is nothing normal about children dying in our streets. >> meanwhile, the fbi investigation continues into the details about the shooter's increasingly unstable mental health. congress asked the va to disclose what drugs they provided and any possible side effects. today the president will
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travel to new york to address the united nations. he arrives in the big apple this morning. president barack obama will push the united nations to increase pressure on syria to suvendor their chemical weapons. he could meet with the president of iran, but at this time no meeting is scheduled. six minutes after the hour. a huge day at m&t bank stadium. ed reed is welcomed back for number 52 in the ravens ring of honor. they scored two touchdowns before the half to take the lead over the houston texans. they came back out and they kept on where they were going. 30 and long. flacco and smith getting the ravens out of trouble. they had pierce taking it in from two yards out. two yards in. the ravens just keep on rolling. they win, 30-9. the game marks the return for ed reed. he talked about the welcome back he received from the
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ravens faithful. >> it was awesome, man. when i first ran out of the stadium. you know, like i said, you know -- memories, you know that i have here in the city. it's like family man. you know? they will always be there. it is something that you cherish as a player. you know? >> the ravens travel to buffalo to take on the bills next sunday at 1:00. well, the orioles back in action this afternoon, hoping to avoid a four game sweep to tampa. they are keeping their slim playoff hopes alive. they lost on sunday afternoon, 3-1 is the score. the offense of baltimore struggles. they managed 3 hits on sunday. now, they are 4 1/2 fames out of the wild card race. they only have 7 left on the docket. a live look this monday morning. a beautiful shot.
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steady, steady. there is a beautiful start to the monday. lynette, what do you think about that? >> i like it charlie, a lot of sunshine today. and also working with chilly temperatures. but it will get chillier. i will tell you how through the temperatures go coming up.
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all right. thanks for joining us this morning. listen if everybody watching right now just donated two cans. canned goods to our flood drive, imagine what a difference we can make. we're collecting cans for children. meteorologist lynette charles went into the maryland food bank to see what they were doing to give the kids in need and give them a healthy start. take a look. >> it is september. students are back in class. the leaves on the trees are starting to change. one thing hasn't changed. the need to help feed maryland children. >> we are reaching record levels of distribution year round. it used to be that the holidays were very busy for us. this past year, we distributed the same amount in july, that
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we did last november. >> it and the mission of maryland food bank, year round, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. the food bank served 995 kitchens in our area. reaching families so they don't go without a meal. pastor richard brown and his wife organize the food kitchen in essex, feeding 150 people every wednesday from your donations. >> we fix a full meal for them every wednesday. it is not just soup. it is called a soup kitchen, but rarely soup, a whole meal. >> reporter: and a healthy meal. that's the goal of the maryland food bank to make sure that people are getting the nutrients needed to get through the day. >> reporter: is about fresh. >> reporter: the chef is saying you will not find a fryer in her kitchen instead, baking, and roasting skills. >> we're feeding approximately 2,000 kid as day for the after school program. what we do there, again,
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everything is broken down and properly analyzed. to have the balance we use a lot of fresh produce that comes to the doors and it is, it is fresh from beans, squash, you name it, we will use it for the kids' meals. >> reporter: so what with you do? join abc 2 news for our two cans for kids food drive. we are collecting healthy cans. canned fruits, veggies, tuna and chicken. you may be preparing your next meal, others around you may not know where their next meal is coming from. >> right now, half of a million marylanders don't know where they next meal is coming from. 162,000 of those are children. this drive is really important. >> we are accepting donations for the 2 cans for kids food drive through the month of september. there is a list of drop off locations on our website, lynette, it is simple.
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two cans. and it could make a huge difference. you are right. megan. i'm so glad to be a part of it. i want everybody to participate. you can go on-line to donate. remember the keel is healthy foods. right, in terms of the weather. it is a great day. this week is a great day to drop off the cans. the satellite and radar not picking up on a lot. we have clouds this morning that are dropping from the north through the south. this afternoon we it will be a lovely day with lots of sunshine in the forecast. you can see what i'm talking about right now. for yourself in bel air, a lot of clouds out there. and also we're starting to see breaks in the clouds. the sunrise around 6:55 this morning and more sunshine as we go throughout the day. temperatures are on the cooler side this morning. some might think it is chilly. grab that jacket as you head out and about. we're talking about 51 right now in manchester and also
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hickory. we do have together 51 in easton. it 50 in goldsboro. that's the scenario this morning. and into the afternoon, we're talking about the temperatures below average, because we do have that cold front, it has moved through. this is the one that bought the rain towards your saturday evening into sunday things dried out. that's good news, but we will start to see changes in the forecast as we go through time. not now. high pressure for today. we will stay dry and cool across the area. so you're thinking, hmm i need the jacket this morning. will you need it in the afternoon? probably. the winds out of the north at 10 to 10 miles per hour. that will make it feel chillier. a high today around 69 degrees. this is the first fell day of fall, it will feel that way. all right. and maryland's most powerful radar will not pick up on a lot through the next several days here. we will be dry today with a lots of sunshine in the next by
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this afternoon. that will stick around for a while. wednesday a fuel more clouds thickening, but all and all a dry forecast for a while. here is the planner for today. lots of sunshine by lunchtime, the temperature coming in at 65 degrees. that high temperature will be at 69. it will be a great day to take add photo, so make sure that you do so go to the seven-day forecast looks like this, we start to warm things up a bit towards the end of the week and dry by the weekend. now, check of the traffic with mike. all right. let's take a look. traffic this morning at 6:00. all right. 6:17. thank you for joining us here on good morning maryland, the east side of the city and beltway is looking good. this is 295 northbound past exit 100. if you are making a run towards bwi. issue. the right lane is being blocked. they are deverring everyone on the left lane. this is 295 northbound hat maryland 195. not seeing a tie-up, but the
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volume is picking up because of the delay past 175. so be careful of that. and 695 at the baltimore national pike. it is starting to pick up. it is moving. that's good news. the jfx into the city it is looking good downtown. so lots of green on your screen. the speed is looking good. travel times are looking great. another check on traffic and -- weather is coming up. all right. the number of women diagnosed with uterine cancer is projected to be on the rise. 60% in the next 15 years. the significant increase can be attributed to obesity. it triggers the production of a hormone to lead to the disease. the survival rate for women under 45 who are dihash notessed notes -- diagnosed with the cancer is 95%. if a new mom has troubles
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breast-feeding two weeks postpartum it starts their chance of breast-feeding. best feeding concerns in the first 14 days, at 30 days and 60 days. postpartum decreased mom's chances of sticking with it. now, providing confidence and adding support can help women the breast-feed longer. >> before you have your child go to classes, go to breast- feeding classes, talk to your friends who have nerved their infants. talk to your pediatrician and talk about your plan and how you will make it successful. >> well, the biggest concern involved difficulty with latching. followed by pain and milk quantity concerns. this morning another live look outside. a beautiful downtown. [ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo.
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deoxyribonucleic acid. he knew that. [ male announcer ] with everything. go! goooo! no. no no no no no. mommy's here. [ male announcer ] but that kind of love is...frowned upon. so instead she gives him capri sun. so he gets more of what he needs without all the "her" he doesn't think he needs. capri sun. with absolutely no artificial preservatives. a family of five was found dead inside of a home in texas. three adults and two children. they are not going to say if there are suspects, but they will not say if this was the result of a murder-suicide. more results are expected to be released this morning.
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police are investigating an attack on a columbia university professor. he tells the "daily news" he fractured a fractured jaw in the beating that police are investigating as a possible hate crime. he was approached by a group of 15 to 20 young men on bikes. one of them said, get him osama. and they pulled singh's beard and the group fled as they kicked him several times. >> it is really important for the community to show solidarity with other people and other groups like the gay and lesbian community. >> police are saying he was treated for his injuries. no arrests in the case. the family of a man run over and killed by a police officer is hoping that dash cam video will lead to charges. the video is very graphic.
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you are looking at video of brown running from police in florida in may. officers started chasing brown because he was not wearing a seatbelt. and the shows officer herring running over brown and kill him. the grand jury last week, decided not the indict harris on manslaughter. the family said that they decided to release the video. to push for charges against the officer. the officer was fired as a result of the incident. boston police commissioner, davis, will announce his resignation today as a result of the baltimore globe. he commanded the police response in the bombs. some criticized him for the lack of diversity in the upper ranks a claim that davis disputed. he plans to teach part-time at harvard after resigning. the time frame is not known. well, a former nfl star welcomed dozens of volunteers to clean his home in upstate new york. 300 teens trashed brian
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hallway's estate over the weekend. they broke in and broke carpets and a number of items and put graffiti over the house. a group of volunteers were teenaged that attended the party. police have identified 200 of the party goers. all right. a one-eyed kitten is an internet sensation. he has gone from near death to one of the hottest trending pages on facebook in a matter of days. the greatest ambassador for animal shelters and how they help to save lives. he was found in bad condition on the streets of portland, but the local animal shelter saved his life. he is in a foster home with his siblings. all right. a live look outside. you can see the sun peaking out. [ female announcer ] having grands biscuits
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he was bike from baseball stadium to baseball stadium, raising money for the hearing- impaired. this morning that journey has been stalled with one stadium left to go. >> taking a live look outside this morning at the inner harbor, what a cool looking shot. first day of fall. so should you be busting out your cote yet or early for that. lynette will let you know. good monday morning. thanks for joining us, megan pringle. >> i'm charlie crowson. lynette has the monday forecast for the first day off fall, what do you got? not a coat, but a jacket will do. or a sweater. the temperatures below average this morning. 51 degrees at manchester. the winds out of the north at 5 to 10 miles per hour. that's going to be the scenario throughout the day. and it would be colder out there this morning, but luckily if you don't like the cold, yes. we have the cloud cover out there, but we are starting to see a few breaks in the clouds. that's going to be the name of
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the game throughout the day. decreasing clouds because of the winds out of the north. now, we look at maryland's most powerful radar. we are dry and will stay dry for a while. we will not get the rain, but we need the rain across the area. no need for the umbrella today. but have the sunglasses. and the planner, yes, a chill in the air at 8:00 this morning. and the sun should start to filter through. by lunchtime, dry, 65 degrees. and the high temperature today coming in at 69 degrees. we should be at 76 degrees. so below average this morning and stay that way through the afternoon. now, check of the traffic with mike. >> all right. we have good news, all right. looking -- crown gasoline, $3.31. all right. go to we have a gas buddy tracture. it is cool. the bad news issues. the issues have at 295 northbound. after route 100. the right lane is being knocked
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out. so otherwise things are good. 895 it is smooth sailing this morning. the volume is picking up, but the roads are looking good. the jfx into the city looking good this morning. lots of green on your screen. and the travel times are very nice. the beltway is looking good this morning. if you're going to take 95 northbound between 10695, a 6 minute ride. another check on traffic and weather again in less than 10 men ets. earlier this year, we introduced you an annapolis man, jacob landon, who was riding his bike to every baseball stadium to raise money and awareness for the hearing- impaired. we have learned riding this bike over the weekend he was hit by a truck short of this goal. the driver never stopped. he planned to finish this week. with the accident on saturday night, he has one stadium and 180 miles short of the goal.
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>> somehow or another he has committed himself to finishing it. not tomorrow, not on a designated day, but he is exited to getting the miles done. >> reporter: in the past six months he has raised awareness and money. $140,000 to help others get fitted for a cochlear implant. he was born with the ability to hear, but it was stripped away by the age of 10. and his parents dipped into their retirement. so jacob is scheduled to continue the ride at some point. he was going to throw out the first pitch tomorrow in miami, but with the hurt arm he is going to hand the honor to a young boy who is hearing- impaired. we have continuing coverage this morning of a four alarm fire that damaged five businesses. federal investigators have been brought in to determine the cause of the fire. the atf is helping police and arson investigators.
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this started friday night. 100 firefighters were called to the scene. it took 14 hours to get this thing under control. among the businessdize stroy -- destroyed the three brothers liquor store. >> it is the my life and everything. that's all that i know. >> reporter: again, federal investigators have been bought in to help. thankfully, no one was hurt in the fire. a student from the university of maryland eastern shore was shot and wounded off of campus on sunday morning. the male student was shot inappropriatelysis an, treated and released from the hospital. the student was shot in the leg trying to breakup a fight in princess anne. the victim is a 34-year-old man, robert jackson was shot and killed. police found him early saturday morning. jackson was dead at the scene. if you have information call


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